Software Consulting

Do you have the knowledge of software development but cannot seem to execute the plans? Get advice from us on how to plan, execute and scale up your IT operations. We would not offer to choose the tech stack for you if we were not good at it. We have given advisory for software architecture, digital strategy and workflow management to IT firms around the globe hundreds of times. We are not limited to any particular apsects of the SDLC. Once we have your requirements, we shall initiate the consulting documentation procedure right away. You will experience a vigor in your business strategy that you could never have imagined.

Software Stack

After in-dept analysis of the needs you want to fulflill from the software, we guide you on the righ technology stack to choose so that you experience a seamless development journey. We take you step by step through modernization, refactoring and migration etc.

Software architecture and modernization

More and more sophisticated softwares in the market have raised the standards of software architecture but you do not need to keep up with the competition. We shall assist you to design the architecture of your software so that it is performance maximizing along with secure and scalable. You will witness yourself how the longterm considerations of updating the software without operation’s disruptions is taken into consideration from the first day.

Software aquiring

Ready to build software but are concerned about resource utilization? We can give you a team with years of experience in software business strategy and they will give you concise information on how to go about every aspect of your project i.e the setting up the DevOps processes, team augmentation, analysis of business processes e.t.c. Even if you want to get software build from a third party, we can give you detailed timelines and budgeting for your specific demands. At Edraak, you are the king. Just let us know how you would like to get the software.

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