Entertainment technology is tricky to build, unless there are separate teams for each and every aspect of the software. Edraak Systems’s has this allegiance pledged to the world of entertainment tech that there will always be independent teams working on individual pars of the IT products for entertainment. This exact principle has been applied to the creatively chaotic world of fashion software by making a cosmetics E-commerce platform rise from bare dust of ideas for a fashion tech platform.

The Ecommerce platform for fashion magazines and CDs had to have a responsive design. The company, being the top most fashion brand in France, had the goals to sell courses through this tech product. You may check the exceptionally beautiful UI framework of this responsive SaaS product by getting a live demo session from us.

This is an achievement because the utilization of the react bootstrap libraries required some extra maneaveuring for the components API. We pulled that off before time and in less than the budget initially quoted because our team had intrinsic values of deliver infinite customer delight. The Laravel frameworks used are such that cannot be replicated even by the best of software agencies and that is a fact rather than a claim.

The reason for that is that only our team’s unique experience over the past decade of developing different combinations of cart addition functionality, Google Recaptacha and social media integration can result in such a dynamic and boombastic fashion software. Want to see how the app authentication works in the cosmetics E commerce platform?

Contact us now to see the next-auth built feature. Similar data fetch features have been integrated in multiple other projects through NEXT.JS and will be done for you when required.

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