data lakes

No one can or does find the needle of individual information from the haystack of whole of the data of your organization. We do not let our partners (clients) get tangled up in destructive chaos caused by data lakes not managing data’s structure & value adequacy. Every responsible organization goes overboard for the proper transfer of data from the data lake but, unfortunately, they do not get their desired results simply due to choosing a run of the mill data pipelining vendor.

From aggregating to organizing and from moving data to transforming and optimizing continuous data loads, you achieve the data ecosystem that you deserve for definitive long term growth. We claim this after decades of experience of consulting startups, SMEs and corporations of all kinds. Does not matter the cloud, does not matter the databases, our dedicated teams for data pipelines fill the gap of your expertise lack. Understanding these dynamics were painstakingly difficult which is why your data pipeline is automated at Edraak with almost unfair advantages for you.

Data Lakes

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