Patient profiling requires smart healthcare IT products that process large amounts of data quickly. These latest advancements in healthcare have led to the use of EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and one of the most anticipated apps for that is Radiology. We shall be launching this top EMR application next week. The Electronic Medical Records industry has been requesting such a tool that can streamline their documentation and reporting. This software tool for Electronic Medical Records (EMR), the Radiology app, provides a comprehensive suite of modules for efficient management of critical medical data.

The medical application provides a generation of editable forms that are responsive and with minimum rigid fields. We take as much care of the features of such medical software as much care we would like our patients to receive and hence the number of fields is the maximum that can be in addition to the essential components like time, year, month fields, and doctor’s name. The patient and/or medical professional just sign up on the website and all the features are instantly at their disposal.

The main modules consist of

  • Super Admin
  • Organization/Hospital Admin
  • Doctors

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