Most of the digital transformation establishments only provide programming services for their customers and code the requirements of their software. The multiple software and software hardware products offered here will not be found anywhere else. It has taken years of Research and Development to provide Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence products to companies responsible for advancing global economic growth. The products extricate our team of world-renowned business and technology experts to execute full-cycle product or project development for our clients. The exceptional level of resources harnessed for crafting products that strategically invigorate long-term growth for various industries enables us to leverage the inflows of their value so that we digitally transform more and more companies.

FRS (Fault Registration System) empowers the Textile to rise to a never-before status of industry 4.0 by utilizing IoT and ML/AI. Infodart on the other hand is a SaaS business Intelligence product powered by Artificial Intelligence technology to provide alert-based analytics. QMS360 is another SaaS mobile application for apparel factories providing a 360-degree quality control solution for the apparel industry through an inline quality management system. A computer vision (CV) product is Eagle Eye for the garment industry which provides precise measurement solutions for garments and optimizes the production and QC system. At the same time, an optimizer is an Artificial Intelligence engine for the cutting plan optimization of Fabric Quality Control in textile factories.

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