Eagle Eye


Another shining beacon of the rising industry industry40. Introducing Eagle Eye as this technolutionary milestone in the garments sector for the production of all types of garments (denim, shirts, pants etc.). The multitude of problems in garment production are resolved with a 1-window solution; giving the impression that there were never problems of manual work, low accuracy/numerous errors slow data processing and high paper usage.

Our goal with Eagle Eye is not to improve individual tasks like Incorrect data entry or instantly making information available per se rather the technical expertise from the garments industry and the specialized hardware-software skills are conjoined to present the processing system that optimizes garment production to the fullest.

This claim is backed by our global success, our international customers swear by the tangible results in the form of quality of goods enhanced and quick decision making as well as increased data accuracy. Are you now realizing the sheer loss you have been incurring in the recording/management of your data for producing garments? It is not late and let’s reduce your measuring time.


Contact us now to

  • Ensure all garments are measured accurately
  • Get Measurement accuracy of nearly 2mm
  • Achieve Automatic Reporting and linking with ERP
  • Make operations paperless

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