Dr. Scheduling is another app that has no match in the EHR (Electronic Health Records) category. Electronic Health Records are not limited to the medical history of document files only but also include it scheduling of appointments like the Dr. Scheduling application does. Medical professionals register as service providers and users can book appointments with them. EHRs by their nature require mobile and web applications and we have developed this application according to that, dealing with messages, notifications, and user profiles. The Electronic Health Records application is to be published on the Play Store after the website is upgraded from HTML and CSS to React.JS and Next.JS.

Similarly, multichannel communication and appointment management apps and are also demanded by almost every hospital and dispensary because of the increasing number of stakeholders involved. We have also been providing national-level medical units with technological services for patient engagement and behaviour analytics that includes referral management. All of these medical apps are developed in coherence with the legal/licensing requirements like HIPAA, FDA/CE, and ISO 13485 requirements etc. Coming up is the deployment of VR in our Healthcare IT Services. Virtual Reality has the most application in LDCs for the reason that patients cannot travel to 1st world countries to get quality healthcare. Bridging that gap for the poor through virtual reality in healthcare is a developing endeavour that we have embarked upon.

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