Software Development Services

Code is not something independent of its function. Logic building must follow the purpose of the software. We do not just progam softwares without context but understand the underlying issues that the software wants to resolve. Our programming services are innately designed for your digital transformation with active consideration of the abstract goals the software wants to achieve. To ensure maximum quality delivery in the most economical way, we emphasize the designing of SDLCs (Software Development Life Cycles). With Edraak taking over your SDLC, quality is guaranteed from the 1st day, imbuing the purpose of the software at every step of the software development life cycle. Our software development teams are dedicated to niche markets and company sizes where end-to-end software coding solutions are provided whether it is a new software delivery, maintenance of legacy software or software coding resource augmentation.

Product Software Development

Yes, we know that your business idea is great, but we shall consult you on every step of the development of your software product because we have analyzed hundreds of software products for their business models. We shall analyze for you the competition, the target audience, and the user needs and work out your USP. Our clients always view us as their partners and you can trust us for your entire business strategy rather than only the architecture of the software. We shall work out the costs analysis, the compliance requirements (HIPAA, FDA, PCI) From creating software requirements specifications to planning product releases, we strategize for every step before building the product. We aim for the most optimal approach to the product architecture and the UI/UX design so that there are timely product releases without any issue. Our journey with you does not end there. We continue to monitor behavior analytics to develop insights into improving the UI & UX and for updating the software product. Managing the technical backlog and providing user support are services that are built in our offering rather than doing it separately if asked.
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ur team of 15+ software programmers have more than half a decade of experience serving in 10+ industries with scores of projects completed following Agile and DevOps cultures.

Whether you want product or project based software developers, our software engineers ensure compliance with HIPAA, PCI DSS/SSF, GDPR and other international regulations. Even if you want consulting on how your software engineering team can improve their web or mobile development, we shall do it for you in a way that you would never need any extra management again. Our Desktop development is done in C++, .NET, Python and other similar languages. In addition to these, we specialize in database development, cloud development, SaaS development and API development and software integrations.

software development services

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