Music Store Management

Music Store Management is an E-commerce Website for Musical Instruments and Accessories. E-commerce software development is extensive because of the sheer amount of data to be uploaded on them and we enjoyed every bit of the challenge. MSM, as an e-commerce platform, specializes in new and used musical instruments, record labels, music sheets, instrument parts, and instrument-related services. The selling of any goods online is a very competitive endeavour. We ensured that the client gets to feel the reality of us being their equal stakeholder in selling the music equipment through this e-commerce store. Even though the store has been live and selling for months now, we continuously enhance it and introduce new features to enrich the e-commerce platform.

Some of the tasks undertaken were

  • Removal of Items from the Cart if Quantity Reaches Zero
  • Implementation of Google Login Integration
  • API Integration in the Wishlist
  • Work on Assurance Block Integration
  • Enhancement of Product Cards’ Responsiveness
  • Implementation of Promo Codes in the Cart
  • Work on the Search Banner Dropdown
  • Improvement of Image Magnifier
  • Addition of Cart Popup Slicing
  • Enhancement of Shipping Methods

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