Music Database

Another milestone project by our super innovative entertainment software project management team, MD Music Albums is a database. MD was a very complex application that Edraak’s team executed in such a resourceful way that it was built without any costs to the client and the app had all the features of an application that would be built with an investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars. MD is an entertainment application that has a very technically sound database that manages a detailed listing for a huge number of available record stores.

The client’s specific needs are catered to in a simple yet sophisticated way because of the innate nature of the technical requirements.

Some of the main features developed are

  • Bulk data import
  • Implementing Multilingual support on the network page.
  • Adding a pagination function on the network page.
  • Integration of representative postal code field in distributors and display on network page listing.
  • Incorporating representative website fields in distributors and displaying them on the network page listing.
  • Multiple offices section to add branches.
  • Having a head office section.
  • Separate pages for the network.
  • Setting admin login access.

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