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Production Tracking – Data Logging Recording and Tracking

Client Introduction

Currently under construction and development, with all the focus to adapt latest technology mechanisms to get the best possible production and output. Onsole contacted our team to track all their production processes on the floor.

Problem statement

The customer manages all the production manually by involving registers and manually through forms. This limits the management by

  1. slowing the process of data entry
  2. creating chances of Incorrect data entry
  3. unavailability of instant information

All these factors result in

  1. lots of operational wastages
  2. misinformation
  3. delays in production output


The technical team at Edraak was engaged to figure out the problem and provide the best possible solution for the problem at hand. 

  1. Installed electronic hardware to capture all the data from the machines
  2. established infrastructure to gather information at the server
  3. developed data entry forms
  4. Link data with the existing ERPs
  5. Reduced operational expenses by 27%

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